TEST Business Administration B.B.A.

General University Requirements for Bachelor's Degrees  

For a UAF bachelor’s degree, a student must earn at least 120 semester credits, including transfer credits, at the 100 level or above. Of these, 39 credits must be upper-division (300 level or above), of which 24 must be UA residence credits and 15 must be UAF credits.

At least 30 semester credits applicable to any bachelor’s degree must be earned at UAF. Transfer students need to earn at least 24 upper-division semester credits at UA, of which 15 must be UAF credits. Transfer students must earn at least 12 semester credits in the major and at least 3 semester credits in the minor. A student must earn a C- grade or higher in all courses required for the degree unless otherwise specified by the major (major, minor, general education requirements and degree requirements).

Unless otherwise specified, a course may be used more than once toward fulfilling degree, certificate, major and minor requirements. Credit hours for these courses count only once toward the total credits required for the degree or certificate.

Since WRTG F211XWRTG F212XWRTG F213X and WRTG F214X are writing courses, any will satisfy the second half of the requirement in written communication for the bachelor’s degree. A student can not enroll in WRTG F211XWRTG F212XWRTG F213X or WRTG F214X without first fulfilling the WRTG F111X requirement. (See UAF Advanced Placement Credit — English.)

Minimum number of credits 120 credits
Credits earned at UAF (residence credit) 30 credits
Upper-division credit (courses with numbers between F300 and F499) 39 credits total (some degrees require more); 24 of the 39 must be earned at UA and 15 at UAF
Additional UAF credit that must be earned by transfer students 12 credits in the major; 3 credits in the minor
Grade point average 2.0 cumulative and 2.0 in both the major and minor
Minimum grades for major No grade lower than C- in courses required for the major. Some majors require higher GPAs for major coursework.
Catalog year that can be used to determine requirements May use any catalog in effect when enrolled as a degree student, regardless of major; seven-year limit on catalog year
Second degree 24 credits beyond the first bachelor’s degree and all requirements for the second degree must be met

Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) Requirements

General Education Requirements at a Glance

Minimum Requirements for General Education Requirements: 35-40 credits

Refer to tables below for specific courses.

Communication - 9 credits

Complete the following:
WRTG F111XWriting Across Contexts3
COM F121XIntroduction to Interpersonal Communication3
or COM F131X Fundamentals of Oral Communication: Group Context
or COM F141X Fundamentals of Oral Communication: Public Context
WRTG F211XWriting and the Humanities3
or WRTG F212X Writing and the Professions
or WRTG F213X Writing and the Sciences
or WRTG F214X Arguing Across Contexts
Total Credits9

Arts - 3 credits

Complete one of the following:3
Introduction to Alaska Native Performance
Aesthetic Appreciation of Alaska Native Performance
Alaska Native Music
Beginning Drawing
Explorations in Art
History of World Art I
History of World Art II
Introduction to the Study of Film
History of the Cinema
Fundamentals of Acting
Discovering Stage & Screen
Dramatic Literature and History
Unity in the Arts
Music Fundamentals
Enjoying Jazz
Explorations in Music

 Humanities - 3-5 credits

Complete one of the following:3-5
Introduction to Athabascan Linguistics
Introduction to Alaska Native Languages
World Literature
Texts and Contexts
Introduction to Creative Writing
Media and Culture
Nature of Language
Languages of the World
Introduction to Philosophy
Logic and Reasoning
Religions of the World
OR take one of the following languages:
Beginning Dene / Athabascan I
Beginning Dene / Athabascan II
American Sign Language I
American Sign Language II
Elementary Chinese I
Elementary Chinese II
Elementary French I
Elementary French II
Revision/Early Intermediate French
Intermediate French II
Elementary German I
Elementary German II
Intermediate German I
Intermediate German II
Elementary Inupiaq I
Elementary Inupiaq II
Elementary Japanese I
Elementary Japanese II
Intermediate Japanese I
Intermediate Japanese II
Beginning Latin I
Beginning Latin II
Elementary Russian I
Elementary Russian II
Intermediate Russian I
Intermediate Russian II
Elementary Spanish I
Elementary Spanish II
Intermediate Spanish I
Intermediate Spanish II
Elementary Central Yup'ik I
Elementary Central Yup'ik II
Total Credits3-5

Social Sciences -  6 credits

Complete two of the following in two different disciplines:6
Principles of Financial Accounting
History of Colonization in Alaska: The Indigenous Response
Indigenous Cultures of Alaska
Individual, Society and Culture
Introduction to Anthropology
Ancient Civilizations
Fundamentals of Archaeology
Introduction to Business
Personal Finance (s)
Introduction to Sport Management
Child Development I: Prenatal, Infants and Toddlers
Child Development II: The Preschool and Primary Years
Child Guidance
Foundations in Nutrition and Physical Wellness
Principles of Microeconomics
Principles of Macroeconomics
The Economy of Rural Alaska
Introduction to Economic Analysis
Introduction to Natural Resource Economics
Modern World History
Western Civilization Since 1500
History of Alaska Natives from Contact to the Present
East Asian Civilization
History of the U.S. II
Introduction to Addictive Processes
Science of Happiness and Well-Being
Introduction to Justice
Introduction to Sustainability Science
Political Economy
Introduction to American Government and Politics
Comparative Politics
International Politics
Introduction to Psychology
Sleepless in Alaska: Sleep, Health and You
Rural Development in the North
Introduction to Sociology
Social Problems and Solutions
Introduction to Social Work
Introduction to Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies
Total Credits6

Additional Arts / Humanities / Social Sciences - 3-5 credits

Complete one additional course from the arts, humanities or social sciences courses listed.3-5 Credits
Total Credits3-5

Mathematics 3-4 credits

Complete one of the following:
MATH F113XNumbers and Society3
MATH F122XEssential Precalculus with Applications 13
MATH F151XCollege Algebra for Calculus 14
MATH F152XTrigonometry3
MATH F156XPrecalculus4
MATH F230XEssential Calculus with Applications in the Life Sciences 2,33
MATH F251XCalculus I 2,34
MATH F252XCalculus II 34
MATH F253XCalculus III 34
STAT F200XElementary Statistics3

Credit may be earned for either MATH F122X or MATH F151X but not both.


Credit may be earned for either MATH F230X or MATH F251X but not both.


Or any math course having one of these as a prerequisite.

Natural Sciences - 8 credits

Complete two of the following: 18
Weather and Climate of Alaska
Human Biology
Biology and Society
Natural History of Alaska
Human Anatomy and Physiology I
Human Anatomy and Physiology II
Fundamentals of Biology I
Fundamentals of Biology II
Introduction to Human Nutrition
Beginnings in Microbiology
Chemistry in Complex Systems
Introduction to General Chemistry
Introduction to Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry
General Chemistry I
General Chemistry II
Introduction to Environmental Chemistry of the Arctic
Introduction to Environmental Science
Engineering Alaska - An Introduction to Engineering
and Makerspace Alaska - A Laboratory Introduction to Engineering
The Dynamic Earth
Wicked Maps for Wicked Problems: Geographic Information Systems Across Disciplines
Life in the Age of Dinosaurs
Earth and Environment: Elements of Physical Geography
The History of Earth and Life
Glaciers, Earthquakes and Volcanoes: Past, Present and Future
The Oceans
Energy and Society
Physical Sciences
College Physics I
College Physics II
Introduction to Astronomy
General Physics I
General Physics II
Elementary Modern Physics
Total Credits8

Some degrees (Associate of Science) might require more. Please be sure to verify with an academic advisor.


Minimum Requirements for Business Administration B.B.A.: 120 credits

Concentrations: Finance & EconomicsGeneral BusinessHuman ResourcesLeadershipMarketing, Sport Management

Students must earn a C- grade or better in each course.

General University Requirements
Complete the general university requirements.
General Education Requirements
Complete the general education requirements.35-40
As part of the general education requirements, complete the following:
Essential Precalculus with Applications
College Algebra for Calculus
Essential Calculus with Applications in the Life Sciences
Calculus I
B.B.A. Degree Requirements
Complete the B.B.A. degree requirements.22
As part of the B.B.A. requirements, complete the following:
Business Ethics
Business Administration Program Requirements
Complete the following:
AIS F310Management of Information Systems3
or AIS F316 Accounting Information Systems
AIS F324Advanced MS Excel1
AIS F342MS Excel for Finance1
BA F307Introductory Human Resources Management3
BA F308Professional Development: How to Prepare for a Job and Other Survival Skills1
BA F309Professional Development: Finding a Career1
or BA F310 Professional Development: Being Successful in Your Career
BA F325Financial Management3
BA F330The Legal Environment of Business4
BA F343Principles of Marketing3
BA F360Operations Management3
BA F390Organizational Theory and Behavior3
or BA F391 Alaska Native Corporations: A Historical and Contemporaneous Perspective
BA F462Corporate Strategy 13
HSEM F415Cybersecurity in the 21st Century: Technology and Ethics3
or HSEM F416 Cybersecurity Management
or HSEM F417 Cybersecurity Resiliency
or HSEM F418 Cybercrime, Fraud and Law
HSEM F445Business Continuity and Crisis Management3
Complete one of the following:3
International Business
International Finance
Additional 9 credits from ACCT, BA, ECON, SPRT or a second concentration.9
Complete one or more of the following concentrations:9
Finance & Economics
General Business
Human Resources
Sport Management
General Electives2-7
Total Credits120

 As part of the B.B.A. degree requirements, BA F462 fulfills the baccalaureate capstone requirement.

Students majoring in business administration may not minor in the following: finance, general business, management and organizations, marketing, sport management or the business administration track of the leadership minor.

Note: The B.B.A. degree requires 50 percent of the accounting, business administration and economics credits to be earned at UAF. Twenty-four out of the last 30 credits earned must be taken at UAF.

Note: Students may earn a B.B.A. with more than one concentration in the above areas.

Note: Only one B.B.A. degree may be earned with a major in business administration.


Finance & Economics

Finance & Economics Concentration Requirements
Complete three of the following: 29
Investment Analysis
Real Estate and Alternative Investments
Student Investment Fund
Portfolio Management
International Finance
Money and Banking
Public Finance
Total Credits9

Classes must be different than those used to meet the B.B.A. degree and the major requirements. Courses cannot double count.

General Business

General Business Concentration Requirements
Complete the following:
Complete 9 credits as approved by the undergraduate director9
At least 6 credits must be BA courses, the rest may be select AIS, ACCT, ECON, HSEM or SPRT classes. 3
At least 6 credits must be upper-division.
Total Credits9

Classes must be different than those used to meet the B.B.A. degree and the major requirements. Courses cannot double count.

Human Resources

Human Resources Concentration Requirements
Complete three of the following:9
Employment Law
Training and Management Development
Public Sector Labor Relations
Psychology of Work
Total Credits9


Leadership Concentration Requirements
Complete three of the following:9
Sport Leadership
Leadership Theory and Development
Leading Change
Leaderships in Dangerous Contexts
Total Credits9


Marketing Concentration Requirements
Complete three of the following:9
Advertising, Sales and Promotion
Consumer Behavior
Social Media Marketing
Marketing Research
Sport Marketing
Services Marketing Strategy
Current Topics in Marketing
Total Credits9

Sport Management 

Sport Management Concentration Requirements
Complete three of the following:9
Sport Leadership
Introduction to Sport Management
Event Management
Sport Marketing
Sport and Recreation Sales
Legal Aspects of Sport and Recreation Management
Sport and Recreation Facilities
Total Credits9