Interdisciplinary Studies - Goals Option B.A.

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Admission Requirements

Admission process for an interdisciplinary studies custom major (goals option)

  1. Students who are interested in an interdisciplinary studies program should start by meeting with an advisor in the Office of Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Studies to discuss and develop their educational plan. Please click on the "schedule an appointment" link on the undergraduate interdisciplinary studies website.

  2. If you are not currently a UAF student, are attending as a nondegree student, or are enrolled in an associate or certificate program, then you need to apply for admission to a bachelor’s degree with the UAF Office of Admissions. If you are currently active in a bachelor's degree program at UAF, you do not need to reapply for admission and can skip this step.

  3. Create a draft of your interdisciplinary studies major plan, including its title, courses to be included, a written description and a capstone. You can work on a draft directly on the Interdisciplinary Studies Bachelor's Degree- Goals Option Approval Form. Students are also encouraged to use a plan ahead worksheet or spreadsheet to lay out a path to graduation. 

  4. Contact at least three faculty to serve as your interdisciplinary committee. An optional fourth committee member can be added for further expertise and advice. One faculty member will serve as the chair/advisor. The faculty chair should be affiliated with an academic unit that provides the degree level you are seeking. Students are welcome to work with faculty at all stages of their major, but once you have a draft of the approval form completed, you should arrange a formal committee meeting for all members to meet and discuss your academic plan. At this meeting, the committee will review your interdisciplinary studies major and provide feedback to help you refine your title and proposed courses. They will also help you determine an appropriate graduation capstone.

  5. After receiving feedback and advice from your faculty committee, you will fill out or edit your drafted Interdisciplinary Studies Bachelor's Degree- Goals Option Approval Form. The form must be submitted electronically to the Office of Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Studies, and will then be routed for electronic signatures by you, each of your committee members and the dean of your committee chair as well as the director of undergraduate interdisciplinary studies and vice provost for final approval.

  6. Once your interdisciplinary studies packet is approved, you will be notified and your DegreeWorks will be updated to show your new major’s courses. You will work with your committee chair as your primary academic advisor going forward.

  7. Any changes to the approved curriculum are made with the approval of your faculty committee chair and submitted on a UAF Undergraduate Petition Form signed by your committee chair and the director of Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Studies. Petitions should be submitted to an interdisciplinary studies program advisor who will review the request before submitting for approval.

  8. The approved title of your major will appear on your transcript  and diploma when you graduate as “Your Title: Interdisciplinary Studies.”

For more information visit the interdisciplinary studies website.

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Minimum Requirements for Interdisciplinary Studies B.A.: 130 credits

Optional Concentration: Global Perspectives

Students must earn a C- grade or better in each course.

General University Requirements
Complete the general university requirements.
General Education Requirements
Complete the general education requirements.35-40
B.A. Degree Requirements
Complete the B.A. degree requirements.37
Interdisciplinary Studies Program Requirements
Interdisciplinary studies major courses 130 or more
Capstone 2
INDS F400Interdisciplinary Capstone0
An additional interdisciplinary capstone element will be approved by the student’s interdisciplinary committee. The capstone can be but is not limited to, an internship, a research project, a portfolio or a course.

An interdisciplinary major must include coursework from more than one discipline, cannot be titled the same as an existing major and must demonstrate a cohesive body of knowledge skills. Courses in the major must be approved by an advisory committee of at least three faculty members, the dean of the faculty committee chair and the vice provost. An Interdisciplinary major from UAF consists of a minimum of 30 credits, at least 12 of which have to be earned at UAF.


The capstone for Interdisciplinary Studies goals option has two elements: 1. All students take INDS F400, a zero credit class that focuses on resume development and other practical steps in post-graduation planning. 2. The second element of the capstone should be unique and specific to an individual student's needs. This should tie the major together and/or help prepare students for their post-graduation goals in a meaningful way.

Note: At least 39 upper-division (F300-F499) credits must be earned to complete any UAF bachelor's degree.

For more information visit the interdisciplinary studies website.

Optional Concentration

Global Perspectives

Global Perspectives Concentration Requirements
Complete the following:
A minimum of 6 foreign language credits 3 6
One semester of study abroad or foreign exchange outside of the U.S. 412
Total Credits18

Two semesters of UAF foreign language coursework at any level, or Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Studies department approved foreign language study away credits or transfer credits. These credits don't need to be included in the student's Interdisciplinary Studies major and can be used to meet GER or other degree requirements. These credits can be in one or multiple languages.


1) take at least 12 credits (when converted to U.S. semester credits) while studying abroad,
2) Courses must be from an institution that is approved by the UAF Study Away advisor or registrar's office.