English M.A.

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Admission Requirements 

Complete the following admission requirements:

  • Submit an academic writing sample.

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Minimum Requirements for English M.A.: 30 credits

General University Requirements
Complete the graduate general university requirements.
Master’s Degree Requirements
Complete the master's degree requirements.
As part of the master's degree requirements, complete the following:
ENGL F699Thesis6
Pass a written comprehensive examination based on a standardized reading list 1
Students may advance to candidacy when their advisory committee deems that they have made satisfactory progress toward completion of their degree.
Pass an oral defense of the thesis.
English Program Requirements
Complete the following:
ENGL F601Theory, Criticism and Methods 23
ENGL F685Teaching College Composition (or ENGL F600-level elective course) 33
Complete two of the following:6
Studies in British Literature: Old and Middle English
Studies in British Literature: Renaissance and 17th-Century
Studies in British Literature: Restoration and 18th Century
Studies in British Literature: 19th Century
Complete two of the following:6
Studies in American Literature to 1865
Studies in American Literature from 1865-1918
Studies in American Literature after 1918
Images of the North
Complete one of the following:3
Studies in British Literature After 1900
Studies in Comparative Literature
Contemporary Literature
Additional approved elective3
Total Credits30

The examination is to be taken in the student’s second year of work. The examination will be held on the Saturday ending the fourth full week of classes in the fall semester.


Students are required to take ENGL F601 in their first year of study.


Required if you are a teaching assistant or planning to teach.

Note: Students may apply up to 3 credit hours of individual study toward the English M.A. degree requirements.