Art K-12 Licensure Program toward M.Ed., Secondary Education

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Admission Requirements

Complete the following admission requirements:

  • Applicants will follow the admission process and requirements listed in the catalog for the secondary postbaccalaureate licensure program, with the exception that applicants must have a bachelor’s degree in art from an accredited university or college. Applicants should be aware that additional content coursework may be required, depending on content of degree. Additional coursework, as determined by the appropriate departments, may mean a delay of program admission until requirements are fulfilled.

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Minimum Requirements for Art K-12 Licensure Program Toward M.ED, Secondary Education: 33 credits

Students must earn a C- grade or better in each course.

Postbaccalaureate Certificate Requirements
Complete the postbaccalaureate certificate requirements.
Art K-12 Licensure Program Toward M.ED, Secondary Education Program Requirements
Complete the following:
ED F245Child Development3
ED F452Elementary Internship3
ED F649Elementary Art Methods3
EDSC F415Foundations of Modern Educational Practice3
or EDSC F205 Introduction to Secondary Education
EDSC F636Art Secondary Instruction and Assessment3
EDSC F642Technology Applications in Education I1
EDSC F643Technology Application in Education II2
EDSC F657Multicultural Education and School-community Relations3
EDSC F658Classroom Organization and Management3
EDSC F672Secondary Teaching: School Internship II and Seminar6-9
EDSE F622Curriculum, Management and Strategies II: High Incidence3
Total Credits33-36