Fisheries B.A.

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Minimum Requirements for Fisheries B.A.: 120 credits

Concentrations: Fisheries Business and Social Science, Rural and Community Development

Students must earn a C- grade or better in each course.

General University Requirements
Complete the general university requirements. 1
General Education Requirements
Complete the general education requirements.35-40
B.A. Degree Requirements
Complete the B.A. degree requirements.37
Fisheries Program Requirements
Complete the following:
ENGL F314Technical Writing3
or ENGL F414 Research Writing
FISH F102Fact or Fishin': Case Studies in Fisheries and Marine Sciences1
FISH F103The Harvest of the Sea2
FISH F110Fish and Fisheries in a Changing World3
FISH F261Introduction to Fisheries Utilization3
FISH F288Fish and Fisheries of Alaska3
FISH F411Human Dimensions of Environmental Systems3
FISH F487Fisheries Management 23
FISH F490Experiential Learning: Fisheries and Marine Sciences Internship1
STAT F200XElementary Statistics3
Complete one of the following:21
Fisheries Business and Social Science
Rural and Community Development
General Electives0-2
Total Credits120-123

To graduate, all students must complete 39 upper-division credits.


Fulfills the baccalaureate capstone requirement.


Fisheries Business and Social Science

Fisheries Business and Social Science Concentration Requirements
Complete the following:
ACCT F261XPrinciples of Financial Accounting3
FISH F340Seafood Business3
Five upper-division classes (F300-F400 level; 15 credits) from social science fields including: Alaska Native Studies, Anthropology, Arctic and Northern Studies, Cross-Cultural Studies, Economics, Environmental Studies, Geography, History, Natural Resources Management, Sociology, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Rural Development 15
Total Credits21

Rural and Community Development

Rural and Community Development Concentration Requirements
Complete the following:
RD F300Rural Development in a Global Perspective3
RD F325Rural Development Principles and Practices3
Four upper-division (F300-F400 level; 12 credits) Rural Development electives12
Complete one of the following:3
Fisheries and Marine Wildlife Development in Rural Alaska
Rural Alaska Land Issues
Perspectives on Subsistence in Alaska
Total Credits21

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Road Maps

Road Maps are recommended semester-by-semester plans of study for programs and assume full-time enrollment unless otherwise noted.

Some courses and milestones must be completed in the semester listed to ensure timely graduation. Transfer credit may change the road map.

This road map should be used in conjunction with regular academic advising appointments. All students are encouraged to meet with their advisor or mentor each semester. Requirements, course availability and sequencing are subject to change.

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
BIOL F103X Biology and Society 4
STAT F200X Elementary Statistics 3
FISH F102 Fact or Fishin': Case Studies in Fisheries and Marine Sciences 1
FISH F110 Fish and Fisheries in a Changing World 3
WRTG F111X Writing Across Contexts 3
COM F141X Fundamentals of Oral Communication: Public Context 3
CHEM F100X Chemistry in Complex Systems 4
ECON F101X Principles of Microeconomics 3
FISH F103 The Harvest of the Sea 2
LS F101X Library Information and Research 1
Elective 3
Second Year
ACCT F261X Principles of Financial Accounting 3
ANS F111X History of Colonization in Alaska: The Indigenous Response 3
FISH F261 Introduction to Fisheries Utilization 3
WRTG F211X Writing and the Humanities 3
Minor Course 1 or Elective 3
ART F105X Beginning Drawing 3
ECON F102X Principles of Macroeconomics 3
ENGL/FL F200X World Literature 3
FISH F288 Fish and Fisheries of Alaska 3
Minor Course 2 or Elective 3
Third Year
Fundamentals of Archaeology
or Comparative Politics
or International Politics
or Social Problems and Solutions
ECON F235X Introduction to Natural Resource Economics 3
ENGL F306 Survey of American Literature: Beginnings to the Civil War 3
Technical Writing
or Research Writing
FISH F340 Seafood Business 3
BA F151X Introduction to Business 3
ECON F120X Introduction to Economic Analysis 3
ENGL F307 Survey of American Literature: Civil War to the Present 3
NRM F303X Environmental Ethics and Actions 3
Minor Course 3 or Elective 3
FISH F490 Experiential Learning: Fisheries and Marine Sciences Internship 1
Fourth Year
ECON F350 Money and Banking 3
FISH F411 Human Dimensions of Environmental Systems 3
HIST F411 Environmental History 3
Upper-Div Concentration Elective 3
Minor Course 4 or Elective 3
FISH F487 Fisheries Management 3
HIST F364 History of the United States 1945 to Present 3
NRM F407 Environmental Law 3
Upper-Division Minor Course or Elective 3
Elective 3
 Total Credits121