Institute of Northern Engineering

The Institute of Northern Engineering (INE) is the research enterprise for the College of Engineering and Mines. INE faculty and students are engineering solutions for locations around the globe focusing on the world’s cold regions. The institute is home to many of the world’s leading researchers in cold climate science and engineering. INE research and support span the engineering and environmental disciplines, offering studies and expertise in energy production, modeling and testing of mechanical systems, environmental engineering, Arctic infrastructure, mining and petroleum development, hydrology and environmental sciences. INE also participates in many cross-institute endeavors.

The institute includes the Arctic Infrastructure Development Center, Mineral Industry Research Laboratory, Petroleum Development Laboratory and Water and Environmental Research Center. WERC serves as the home of the Alaska Stable Isotope Facility and the newly created emerging contaminants laboratory. External grant and research support for INE programs has been more than $20 million annually since 2011. Most of INE’s researchers are full-time faculty in the College of Engineering and Mines, allowing research results to reach the classroom quickly.

INE offers diverse interdisciplinary research opportunities, challenging students to tackle wide-ranging engineering and science topics. Students gain knowledge and experience through hands-on engagement, setting them apart in the engineering job market.

To get started with your northern engineering research or studies, visit the INE website or call 907-474-5457.