Psychology B.A.

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Minimum Requirements for Psychology B.A.: 120 credits

Concentrations: General, Applied Professional, Graduate School Preparation

Students must earn a C- grade or better in each course.

General University Requirements
Complete the general university requirements.
General Education Requirements
Complete the general education requirements.35-40
B.A. Degree Requirements
Complete the B.A. degree requirements.37
Psychology Program Requirements
Complete the following:
PSY F101XIntroduction to Psychology3
PSY F250Introductory Statistics for Social Sciences3
PSY F275Introduction to Social Science Research Methods3
Complete one of the following:3
Culture and Psychology
Health Psychology 1
Research Design and Analysis in Psychology 1
Thesis 1
Complete one of the following:24
Applied Professional
Graduate School Preparation
General Electives7-12
Total Credits120

Students may count PSY F469PSY F475 and PSY F499 toward the concentration they are listed under and as a capstone requirement, but still need 36 psychology credits to graduate.

Note: Students may not count more than 6 credits of any combination of PSY F497 and PSY F498 toward the major.

Note: Students may apply an unlimited number of PSY F392/PSY F492 and PSY F393/PSY F493 credits toward the degree provided the topics are different for each course.

Note: Students should work closely with an advisor to ensure completion of 39 upper-division credits for graduation.



The general concentration provides a lot of flexibility for students to explore the field of psychology and design their own programs.

This option is intended for students who have a general interest in psychology, desire maximum flexibility, or transfer into the degree program with a significant number of credits from other institutions.

General Concentration Requirements
Complete the following:
PSY Elective Courses 224
Total Credits24

Up to 6 credits (faculty-approved) from other programs may be used.

Applied Professional

The applied professional concentration provides opportunities for students to build professional skills and competencies for a variety of workplaces. The course choices reflect the department’s focus on health and wellness. They are applicable to both health-oriented and business settings.

This option is intended for students who expect to enter the job market soon after graduation.

Applied Professional Concentration Requirements
Complete four of the following:12
Sleepless in Alaska: Sleep, Health and You
Psychology of Stress
Psychology of Work
Rural and Alaska Native Psychology
Community Psychology
Health Psychology
Research Design and Analysis in Psychology
PSY Elective Courses 212
Total Credits24

Up to 6 credits (faculty-approved) from other programs may be used.

Graduate School Preparation

The graduate school preparation concentration provides a focus on core content and research competencies needed for successful applications to master's and doctoral programs.

This option is intended for students who plan on going to graduate school, including graduate programs outside of psychology such as other health fields and law.

Graduate School Preparation Concentration Requirements
Complete three of the following:9
Psychology of Development
Social Psychology
Brain and Behavior
Theories of Learning
Complete one of the following:3
Research Design and Analysis in Psychology 3
Qualitative Social Science Research
Thesis 3
Complete 12 PSY Elective Credits 212
Total Credits24

Up to 6 credits (faculty-approved) from other programs may be used.


Fulfills the baccalaureate capstone requirement.