Atmospheric Sciences Ph.D.

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Minimum Requirements for Atmospheric Sciences Ph.D.: 45 credits

General University Requirements
Complete the graduate general university requirements.
Ph.D. Degree Requirements
Complete the Ph.D. degree requirements.18
As part of the Ph.D. requirements, complete the following:
Thesis (18 credits)
Atmospheric Sciences Program Requirements
Complete the following:
ATM F601Introduction to Atmospheric Sciences3
ATM F613Atmospheric Radiation3
ATM F615Cloud Physics3
ATM F645Atmospheric Dynamics3
ATM F646Atmospheric Dynamics II: Climate Dynamics3
Complete 12 additional approved credits, 6 of which should be ATM courses12
Total Credits45

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Admission Requirements

Complete the following admission requirements:

Admission to the Department of Atmospheric Sciences generally requires a degree in a scientific discipline, one year of calculus-based physics, math through differential equations, and one semester of chemistry. Since atmospheric science is a highly interdisciplinary field, incoming students' backgrounds vary considerably. Thus, acceptance into the program is made on a case-by-case basis.


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Roadmaps are recommended semester-by-semester plans of study for programs and assume full-time enrollment unless otherwise noted.

  • This roadmap should be used in conjunction with regular academic advising appointments. All students are encouraged to meet with their advisor or mentor each semester.
  • Some courses and milestones must be completed in the semester listed to ensure timely graduation.
  • Transfer credit may change the roadmap.
  • Requirements, course availability and sequencing are subject to change.
  • Courses with (*) are recommended.
First Year
ATM F601203ATM F615203Submit first peer review paper to integrate thesis work.
ATM F613203ATM F699183 
ATM F699183Program Elective3 
 9 9 0
Second Year
ATM F645203ATM F646203Take written comprehensive exam after taking all five core courses.
ATM F699183ATM F699183Submit second and third peer review papers to integrate thesis.
Program Elective3Program Elective3 
 9 9 0
Third Year
ATM F699183ATM F699183Defend Ph.D. thesis.
Program Elective203Last semester for thesis proposal. 
 6 3 0
Total Credits 45

Footnote Definitions

General Education Requirements Degree Requirements Program & Other Requirements
1--Communication 8--Alaska Native-themed 20--Program Requirement
2--Arts 9--Communication 21--Capstone Requirement
3--Humanities 10--Computation 22--Concentration Course
4--Social Sciences 11--Ethics 23--General Elective
5--Additional Arts, Humanities or Social Sciences 12--Humanities 24--Minor Course
6--Mathematics 13--Human Relations 25--Upper Division
7--Natural Sciences 14--Humanities or Social Sciences 26--Program Elective
15--Library & Information Research
17--Natural Sciences
19--Social Sciences

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Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes are measurable statements that describe knowledge or skills achieved by students upon completion of the program.

Students graduating from this program will be able to:

  • Function effectively in their area of expertise
  • Analyze a scientific problem, identify the critical aspects and devise appropriate methods to resolve the questions that arise
  • Be successful in obtaining work or progressing in their field
  • Demonstrate original thinking
  • Have exposure communicating orally