Atmospheric Sciences Ph.D.

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Admission Requirements

Admission to the Department of Atmospheric Sciences generally requires a degree in a scientific discipline, one year of calculus-based physics, math through differential equations, and one semester of chemistry. Since atmospheric science is a highly interdisciplinary field, incoming students' backgrounds vary considerably. Thus, acceptance into the program is made on a case-by-case basis.


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Minimum Requirements for Atmospheric Sciences Ph.D.: 45 credits

General University Requirements
Complete the graduate general university requirements.
Ph.D. Degree Requirements
Complete the Ph.D. degree requirements.18
As part of the Ph.D. requirements, complete the following:
Thesis (18 credits)
Atmospheric Sciences Program Requirements
Complete the following:
ATM F601Introduction to Atmospheric Sciences3
ATM F613Atmospheric Radiation3
ATM F615Cloud Physics3
ATM F645Atmospheric Dynamics3
ATM F646Atmospheric Dynamics II: Climate Dynamics3
Complete 12 additional approved credits, 6 of which should be ATM courses12
Total Credits45