Environmental Change Minor

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Minimum Requirements for the Environmental Change Minor: 15 credits

Students must earn a C- grade or better in each course.

Environmental Change Program Requirements
Complete a minimum of 6 credits from each of the following lists:15
Natural Sciences, Engineering and Technology
Social Sciences, Humanities and Alaska Native Studies
Additional electives can be approved by an undergraduate interdisciplinary advisor 1
Climate Scholars Program courses can be approved for this minor 2
Total Credits15

Natural Science, Engineering and Technology 6-12 credits

ATM F101XWeather and Climate of Alaska4
ATM F456Climate and Climate Change3
ATM F473Micrometeorology with Focus on Subarctic and Arctic Ecosystems3
BIOL F103XBiology and Society4
BIOL F104XNatural History of Alaska4
BIOL F371Principles of Ecology4
BIOL F385Global Change Biology3
CE F424Permafrost Engineering3
ENVI Courses1-6
FISH F110Fish and Fisheries in a Changing World3
GE F441Geohazard Analysis3
GEOS F460The Dynamic Alaska Coastline3
GEOS/ATM F480Climate Change Processes: Past, Present, Future4
MBI F482Human Impacts to the Marine Biosphere3
OCN F481The Ocean and Global Change3
Additional electives can be approved by an undergraduate interdisciplinary advisor 1

 Social Sciences, Humanities and Alaska Native Studies 6-9 credits

ACNS F201The Circumpolar North: An Introductory Overview3
ACNS F429Geography of the Arctic and Circumpolar North3
ANS F101Introduction to Alaska Native Studies3
ANS F350Cross-cultural Communication: Alaska Perspectives3
ANS/ANTH/ART F365Alaska Native Art History3
ANS/RD F401Cultural Knowledge of Native Elders3
ANS/ED F461Native Ways of Knowing3
ART/ACNS F425Visual Images of the North3
ECON F434Environmental Economics3
ENGL/ACNS F449Northern and Environmental Literature3
HIST F411Environmental History3
HONR/ACNS/NRM/RD F125Our Changing Climate: Past, Present, Future3
NRM F101Natural Resources Conservation and Policy3
NRM F111XIntroduction to Sustainability Science3
NRM F303XEnvironmental Ethics and Actions3
NRM F407Environmental Law3
PS F447U.S. Environmental Politics3
PS F458Comparative Environmental Politics3
RD F265Perspectives on Subsistence in Alaska3
RD F300Rural Development in a Global Perspective3
RD F465Community Healing and Wellness3
Additional electives can be approved by an undergraduate interdisciplinary advisor 1



Students can choose from a list of pre-approved courses that span UAF’s disciplinary strengths in environmental change. Students are also encouraged to explore other relevant courses, such as special topics courses, classes bringing in cross-cultural perspectives, research experiences and study away programs. Any course that is not on the pre-approved list must be approved by the undergraduate interdisciplinary advisor for it to meet this minor’s requirements.


Climate Scholars Program courses can meet requirements for this minor. Advisors in the undergraduate interdisciplinary studies department can approve CSP courses and define which category they meet in the minor with a memo to Degree Services.

NOTE: Students should work with their advisors to determine if courses in the minor can be shared with other degree requirements, but generally, courses meeting general education and major requirements may be shared with the Environmental Change minor.