Mechanical Engineering B.S.

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Minimum Requirements for Mechanical Engineering B.S.: 128 credits

Concentrations: Aerospace, Mechanical, Petroleum

Students must earn a C- grade or better in each course.

General University Requirements
Complete the general university requirements.
General Education Requirements
Complete the general education requirements.36-40
As part of the general education requirements, complete the following:
Calculus I
General Chemistry I
General Chemistry II
B.S. Degree Requirements
Complete the B.S. degree requirements.16
As part of the B.S. requirements, complete the following:
Calculus II
General Physics I
General Physics II
Mechanical Engineering Program Requirements
Complete the following:
ES F100XEngineering Alaska - An Introduction to Engineering3
ES F201Computer Techniques3
ES F209Statics3
ES F210Dynamics3
ES F301Engineering Analysis3
ES F307Elements of Electrical Engineering3
ES F331Mechanics of Materials3
ES F341Fluid Mechanics4
ES F346Introduction to Thermodynamics3
MATH F253XCalculus III4
MATH F302Differential Equations3
ME F302Dynamics of Machinery4
ME F308Instrumentation and Measurement3
ME F313Mechanical Engineering Thermodynamics3
ME F321Industrial Processes3
ME F334Elements of Material Science/Engineering3
ME F403Machine Design3
ME F408Mechanical Vibrations3
ME F415Thermal Systems Laboratory3
ME F441Heat and Mass Transfer3
ME F486Senior Design 21
ME F487Design Project 1,23
Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) Examination
Complete the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) examination administered by the State of Alaska.
Complete one of the following:9-12
Total Credits128-131

Design project must be related to area of concentration.


Fulfills the baccalaureate capstone requirement.



Aerospace Concentration Requirements
Complete the following:
ME F450Theory of Flight3
ME F451Aerodynamics3
ME F452Introduction to Astrodynamics3
ME F453Propulsion Systems3
Total Credits12


Mechanical Concentration Requirements
Complete the following:
Mechanical Engineering electives at the F400 level or above6
Advisor-approved engineering elective at the F400 level or above3
Total Credits9


Petroleum Concentration Requirements
Complete the following:
ME F409Controls3
ME F416Design of Mechanical Equipment for the Petroleum Industry3
ME F464Corrosion Engineering3
PETE F426Drilling Engineering3
Total Credits12