Summer Sessions and Lifelong Learning

Summer Sessions and Lifelong Learning provides a wide variety of outreach and learning opportunities year-round. Our 365 SMART Academy offers a diverse selection of virtual homeschool enrichment programs during the fall and spring semesters, as well as dozens of in-person day camps during the summer months.

Summer Sessions also offers weekend workshops and special interest non-credit courses to community members year-round.  The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, also housed by Summer Sessions, provides ongoing learning opportunities for adults 50 and older.

Each summer SSLL hosts a minimum of 40 free lectures, concerts and recreational activities for students and community members. In January, a Here Comes the Sun community concert brings the community together with great music until we can meet again in the Georgeson Botanical Garden for the summer concert series.

SSLL educational travel programs take groups overseas several times each year to study the cultural, political and natural history of destination countries. We also run several travel programs in Alaska, such as migratory birding tours, Alaska tours for OLLI groups from the Lower 48, and an ESL/cultural institute for foreign university students.

For more information, contact Summer Sessions and Lifelong Learning, 216 Eielson Building, phone 907-474-7021, toll-free at 866-404-7021, email, or visit the Summer Sessions website.