Applied Arts (APAR)

Community and Technical College
Associate of Arts

APAR F107      Beading
1 Credit

Offered As Demand Warrants

Application of beads to various materials, three kinds of stitches and use of a bead loom.

Lecture + Lab + Other: 1 + 1 + 0

APAR F140      Clothing Construction
1 Credit

Offered As Demand Warrants

Techniques of clothing construction for the home sewer. Development of sewing skills necessary to create garments for the beginner as well as the more experienced sewer.

Lecture + Lab + Other: 1 + 0 + 0

APAR F150      Introduction to Traditional Crafts
1-3 Credits

Offered As Demand Warrants

Introduction to traditional crafts such as basket weaving, birch bark basket-making, beading, carving, canoe or kayak making, etc. Topics vary based on community need and interest and will be identified each semester. Course may be repeated for credit with each new topic.

Lecture + Lab + Other: 1-3 + 0 + 0

APAR F157      Skin Sewing
1-2 Credits

Offered As Demand Warrants

Fundamentals of skin sewing. Projects (e.g. slippers, mukluks, mittens, fur hats, vests and ruffs) dependent upon student ability and experience.

Lecture + Lab + Other: 1-2 + 0 + 0