Journalism: Science and the Environment B.A.

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Minimum Requirements for Science and Environmental Journalism B.A.: 120 credits

Students must earn a C- grade or better in each course.

General University Requirements
Complete the general university requirements.
General Education Requirements
Complete the general education requirements.35-40
B.A. Degree Requirements
Complete the B.A. degree requirements.37
Journalism: Science and the Environment Program Requirements
Complete the following:
JOUR F101XMedia and Culture3
JOUR F201News Writing for the Media3
JOUR F207Audio Production3
JOUR F211If Einstein Were a Photographer3
JOUR F301Reporting Science3
JOUR F303Copy Editing3
JOUR F307Video Production3
JOUR F400Professional Internship3
JOUR F429Public Relations and Public Information in the Sciences3
JOUR F439Science Writing for Popular Media3
JOUR F490Journalism Capstone: Portfolio 10
Complete one of the following: 23
Media and the Environment
Seminar: Issues in Science and the Environment
Documentary Filmmaking
Complete two of the following: 26-7
Media and the Environment
Seminar: Issues in Science and the Environment
Northern and Environmental Literature
Advanced Digital Photography Portfolio
Documentary Filmmaking
Individual Study
Undergraduate Research
Geography of the Arctic and Circumpolar North
Fundamentals of Archaeology
Culture, Health and Healing
Circumpolar Archaeology
Beginnings in Microbiology
Biomedical and Research Ethics
Aquatic Food Web Ecology
Human Dimensions of Environmental Systems
Human-environment Research Methods
Environmental History
Fire, Ice, and the Fate of Humanity: A History of Energy and Climate Change
Principles of Sustainable Agriculture
Environmental Ethics and Actions
Environmental Law
U.S. Environmental Politics
International Law and the Environment
Political Economy of the Global Environment
Science, Technology and Politics
Comparative Environmental Politics
Environmental Psychology and Human Well-being
General Electives3-9
Total Credits120

Fulfills the baccalaureate capstone requirement.


Each course may satisfy only one requirement.

Program Learning Outcomes

Program learning outcomes are measurable statements that describe knowledge or skills achieved by students upon completion of the program.

Students graduating with this program will be able to demonstrate:

  • Train students to excel in today’s ever-changing media environment
  • Develop journalists specialized in the intricacies of science and environmental reporting
  • Combine students’ critical thinking, creativity, and practical skills to produce multimedia content for online, broadcast, and print news formats