Catalog Addendum

August 2023: The Academic Calendar was updated.

August 2023: Healthcare Management and Leadership, Master of Healthcare Management and Leadership (approved June 2023) offered by the College of Business and Security Management.

August 2023: The following pages were updated:

August 2023: The following items were updated on the Tuition, Costs and Financial Aid page under the "Other Fees" section: Payment Plan and UAF CEM Tuition Surcharge.

September 2023: The following item was updated on the Tuition, Costs and Financial Aid page under the "Other Fees" section: Late Payment Fees.

September 2023: The Associate of Arts (A.A.) Requirements and Associate of Science (A.S.) Requirements sections were updated on the Associate Degrees page.

October 2023: The deadline to apply for spring 2024 graduation was changed from Feb. 15, 2024 to Feb. 1, 2024 on the Academic Calendar.

October 2023: The following note was added on the Tuition, Costs and Financial Aid page: 

  • Students enrolled in no more than 4 credits per semester pay tuition at the resident rate. **Starting in Spring 2024, The University of Alaska is removing the credit threshold. All nonresident Troth Yeddha' and CTC students will pay the nonresident rate.

October 2023: A correction was made to the program layout for the Elementary Education (K-8) B.A., which corrected the minimum credits required for this degree from 125 to 122.

November 2023: On the How to Earn a Ph.D. page under "Committee Composition," a typo was corrected in the third bullet point.

November 2023: Admission to the Resilience and Adaptation Studies Graduate Certificate program has been suspended.

December 2023: A correction was made under the General Education Requirements for the Political Science B.A. program.

December 2023: A correction was made to the minimum required grade for the Arctic and Northern Studies M.A. program.

December 2023: Corrections were made to the Geology and Geospatial Sciences concentration requirements in the Geoscience B.S. program.

January 2024: Corrections were made to the credit amounts for the Associate of Science program.

January 2024: The definition of an official transcript was updated on the Applying for Admission pages for Bachelor's Degree Programs and Graduate Degree Programs.

March 2024: The accreditation statement referring to the Early Childhood Education A.A.S. was removed from the Early Childhood Education department page.