Powerplant Certificate

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Minimum Requirements for Powerplant Certificate: 40 credits

Students must earn a C- or better in each course.

General University Requirements
Complete the general university requirements.
Certificate Requirements
Complete the certificate requirements. 1
Powerplant Program Requirements
General FAA Subjects
Complete the following:
AFPM F165Mathematics for AMTs0.5
AFPM F166Fundamentals of Electricity and Electronics3.5
AFPM F167Physics for AMTs1
AFPM F168Aircraft Technical Drawings0.5
AFPM F169Fluid Lines and Fittings0.5
AFPM F170Aircraft Materials, Hardware and Processes4.5
AFPM F171Cleaning and Corrosion Control1
AFPM F172Federal Aviation Regulations and Publications2.5
AFPM F173Weight and Balance1.5
AFPM F174Ground Operations and Servicing1.5
Powerplant Subjects
Complete the following:
AFPM F236Aircraft Electrical Systems4
AFPM F238Aircraft Fire Protection Systems0.5
AFPM F239Aircraft Instrument Systems1.5
AFPM F242Aircraft Reciprocating Engines6
AFPM F247Turbine Engines4
AFPM F269Ignition and Starting Systems2
AFPM F274Engine Fuel Metering Systems3
AFPM F276Propellers0.5
AFPM F289Engine Inspection1
AFPM F291Powerplant Testing0.5
Total Credits40

As part of the certificate requirements, the communication, computation and human relations content is embedded in the major required courses for this program. 

Note: This is a one-year program, usually starting at the beginning of September. Entry at other times is allowed only with departmental approval. A personal background check and drug test will be required prior to acceptance into the airframe and powerplant, airframe or powerplant certificate programs.

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Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes are measurable statements that describe knowledge or skills achieved by students upon completion of the program.

Students graduating from this program will be able to:

  • Possess the skills and knowledge to become highly competitive candidates for job openings and promotions in repairing and maintaining powerplants
  • Possess the skills and knowledge expected of professionals in the aviation industry
  • Possess writing, oral communication and computation skills and an understanding of human relations skills sufficient for employment in the aviation maintenance industry