Tribal Governance Certificate

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Minimum Requirements for Tribal Governance Certificate: 30 credits

Students must earn a C- or better in each course.

General University Requirements
Complete the general university requirements.
Certificate Requirements
Complete the certificate requirements.6-9
Tribal Governance Program Requirements
Complete the following:
TG F101Introduction to Tribal Government in Alaska3
TG F105Introduction to Managing Tribal Governments3
TG F199Tribal Management Practicum I3
Complete 12 credits of the following:12
Essentials of Tribal Government
Introduction to Tribal Administration
Tribal Court Development for Alaska Tribes
Children's Topics in Tribal Justice
Federal Indian Law for Alaska Tribes
Tribal Justice Responses to Community and Domestic Violence
Tribal Court Administration
Juvenile Justice in Tribal Court
Tribal Court Enforcement of Decisions
Tribal Community and Restorative Justice
Introduction to Tribal Natural Resources Stewardship
Introduction to Geospatial Data
Practical GIS for Rural Alaska
Practical GIS Project Design
Tribal Participation in Federal Fish and Wildlife Management Systems
Tribal Participation in State Fish and Game Management Systems
Cross Connections: Adapting and Integrating Principles of Management and Conservation
Current Topics in Tribal Government
or up to 9 credits from the optional course list
Total Credits30

 Optional Course List

Any course in: Alaska Native Languages (ANL, INU, YUP), Alaska Native Studies, Applied Arts, Applied Business, Environmental Studies, High Latitude Range Management, Human Services, Rural Development, Rural Human Services, and/or: 1
Our Changing Climate: Past, Present, Future
Leadership, Citizenship and Choice
Introduction to Business
Natural History of Alaska
The Economy of Rural Alaska
Fish and Fisheries in a Changing World
Natural Resources Conservation and Policy
Public Lands Law and Policy
Political Economy
Alaska Native Politics
Introduction to Psychology
Introduction to Social Work

Course substitutions relevant to Tribal Governance may be made with the approval of the Tribal Governance faculty advisor.