Pre-professional Preparation

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Pre-professional advising provides information to students about the admission process to specific types of graduate programs and postbaccalaureate professional schools. Professional schools include but are not limited to, programs such as medical school, veterinary school or law school. Many types of professional schools do not require a specific major for admission to their program. However, prerequisite courses may be required before admittance, so students must research admissions requirements carefully. Students should work with their academic advisors to choose a major and minor that best prepares them to apply for postbaccalaureate professional schools.  

The Academic Advising Center can be a great place to start because it provides academic advising for all pre-professional areas and can connect you to other advising resources at UAF. The Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Studies Department offers a Health Sciences for Pre-Professionals minor which includes prerequisite courses and advising for medical and health-related professional pathways. The Biology and Wildlife Department and the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry provide additional academic advising and mentorship for medical, dental, pharmacy, veterinary and allied health pre-professional programs. The Justice Department and Political Science Department both can provide academic advising for law school. UAF also offers a Law and Society minor, which can be a great fit for students interested in attending law school. The Honors College also offers support to students on a variety of different pre-professional educational pathways.