Information Technology Specialist A.A.S.

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Minimum Requirements for Information Technology Specialist A.A.S.: 60 credits

Concentrations: Computing Technology, Network and Cybersecurity, and Network and System Administration

Students must earn a C- grade or better in each course.

General University Requirements
Complete the general university requirements.
A.A.S. Degree Requirements
Complete the A.A.S. degree requirements.15
As part of the A.A.S. requirements, complete the following:
Business Math
Intermediate Algebra
or any course at the F100 level or above in mathematical sciences (computer science, math or statistics)
Human Relations
Human Relations
Individual, Society and Culture
Introduction to Sociology
Information Technology Specialist Program Requirements
Complete the following:
CITS F204Introduction to Computer Networks3
CITS F205Introduction to Coding and Programming3
or CS F103 Introduction to Computer Programming
or CS F201 Computer Science I
CITS F212Server Operating Systems3
CITS F261Computer and Network Security3
CITS F281Professional Practices in IT3
CITS F284Independent Project3
or CITS F285 Cooperative Work Experience
Additional 6 credits from CIOS, CITS or CS electives 6
Complete one of the following:21-22
Computing Technology
Network and Cybersecurity
Network and System Administration
Pass a certification review requiring students to demonstrate proficiency in the following skill areas: network support and troubleshooting; system administration; cybersecurity; independent thinking; human relations and support; and professional practices. 1
Total Credits60-61

Prior to graduation, all students are required to pass a certification review that includes a hands-on scenario task and the development and presentation of a portfolio of work.

Note: Upon admission to the certificate or degree program, each student will be assigned a mentor/committee chair who will be responsible for determining the student’s current level of competency in the various skill areas; assisting the student in determining the courses/experiences necessary for gaining competency in the deficient skill areas; setting up the student’s committee to consist of the mentor and at least one other individual who may be a UA faculty member, an adjunct faculty member, or an expert in the student’s community; arranging for practical experiences in the student’s community; and organizing the committee’s final assessment of the student’s work and recommending award of the certificate or degree.


Computing Technology

Computing Technology Concentration Requirements
Complete 21-22 credits from the following or from program coordinator-approved courses:21-22
Operating Systems Support
Information Technology Support Fundamentals
Operating Systems: Topics
Implementing Internet Tools and Technologies
Graphics and Multimedia for the Web
Website Design
System and Network Services Administration
Networking and LAN Infrastructure Basics
Routing and Switching Essentials
Intermediate Networking and LAN Infrastructure
Cloud Computing Foundations
Cybersecurity Defense and Countermeasures
Network Security Penetration Testing
Directory Services Administration
IT Troubleshooting Skills
Information Technology: Topics
Total Credits21-22

Network and Cybersecurity

Network and Cybersecurity Concentration Requirements
Complete the following:
CITS F241Networking and LAN Infrastructure Basics4
CITS F242Routing and Switching Essentials4
CITS F243Intermediate Networking and LAN Infrastructure4
CITS F245Cloud Computing Foundations3
CITS F262Cybersecurity Defense and Countermeasures3
CITS F263Network Security Penetration Testing3
Total Credits21

Network and System Administration

Network and System Administration Concentration Requirements
Complete the following:
CITS F240System and Network Services Administration3
CITS F241Networking and LAN Infrastructure Basics4
CITS F242Routing and Switching Essentials4
CITS F243Intermediate Networking and LAN Infrastructure4
CITS F245Cloud Computing Foundations3
CITS F265Directory Services Administration3
Total Credits21