Undergraduate Research and Scholarly Activity

As a research university, UAF offers students opportunities to participate in experimental and observational research and creative activities. The Office of Undergraduate Research and Scholarly Activity supports, develops, documents and institutionalizes UAF’s diverse and robust programs of undergraduate research and scholarly activity. Building on existing efforts and capacities, URSA enables UAF students to pursue varying levels of research engagement, including independent scholarly investigations, a B.F.A. exhibit or performance, a senior thesis and more.


Undergraduate students from all disciplines are eligible to engage in research or creative activity for academic credit or pay. All UAF students are eligible to enroll in URSA courses and apply for URSA awards that support their research or creative projects with funding for travel, supplies and stipends. First-year students and new transfer students are encouraged to attend the UAF Research and Creative Activity Day or contact the URSA office to learn about research and creative opportunities across all disciplines at UAF. Students can use URSA as a resource to help find a faculty mentor with whom they might work on a research or creative project. The project may be designed by the student or the faculty mentor and will lead to the creation of new information.

For more information, contact the URSA office at 302E Eielson Building, 907-450-8772 or uaf-ursa@alaska.edu, or visit the URSA website.