Alaska Center for Energy and Power

The Alaska Center for Energy and Power is a statewide, university-led, applied research program. ACEP excels at being responsive to immediate and long term needs of residents, industries and agencies and focuses on research related to community and industry-scale power generation, transmission, heating and transportation fuels. ACEP prioritizes its work on areas where Alaska has specific needs or where Alaska has a strategic advantage due to resource availability, unique circumstances, or location.

ACEP strives to develop and disseminate practical, cost-effective and innovative energy solutions for Alaska and beyond. Their three primary products are information, technology and a prepared, professional workforce. ACEP houses the Power Systems Integration program, the Pacific Marine Energy Center, the Solar Photovoltaic program and the Data Collection and Analysis program, as well as other research initiatives such as Beneficial and Equitable Electrification.

For more information, visit the ACEP website or call 907-474-5402.