Fisheries Ph.D.

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Admission Requirements

Complete the following admission requirements:

  1. Complete a master’s degree in a fisheries-related field or meet the requirements as outlined below to be accepted directly into a Ph.D. program without a master’s degree.

Admission to Ph.D. Program Directly from Bachelor’s Program

Entering graduate students whose highest earned degree is the baccalaureate are normally admitted as Master of Science students. However, exceptionally able and accomplished students in this category are eligible for direct admission to the Ph.D. program. Criteria for direct admission to the Ph.D. program from the baccalaureate are:

  1. Endorsement by proposed chair of graduate advisory committee AND 2 or 3 below.
  2. At least one first-authored manuscript published or accepted for publication in a peer-reviewed scientific journal or receipt of an NSF, NIH, or similar prestigious pre-doctoral fellowship. OR
  3. Demonstrated research proficiency (e.g. undergraduate thesis, Research Experiences for Undergraduates or other intensive research experience) documented in the application AND either
    1. attained a GPA of at least 3.5 at the undergraduate level, or
    2. scored at the 80% level in two of three categories in the GRE.

Students who elect this route must fulfill course requirements as outlined for both the M.S. and Ph.D. degrees. Applicants who do not meet these criteria may enter the graduate program as M.S. candidates, and in exceptional cases may petition for conversion to the Ph.D. program after advancement to candidacy (for the M.S.). Such petitions must be approved both by the student’s current (M.S.) and proposed (Ph.D.) advisory committee and the department director or designee.

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Minimum Requirements for Fisheries Ph.D.: 36 credits

General University Requirements
Complete the graduate general university requirements.
Ph.D. Degree Requirements
Complete the Ph.D. degree requirements.18
As part of the Ph.D. requirements, complete the following:
Thesis (18 credits)
Fisheries Program Requirements
Complete at least 18 credits of coursework18
Complete a thesis.
Total Credits36

Note: At least 9 of the required 18 non-thesis Ph.D. degree credits must be at the F600 level, other courses must be at least at the F400 level.