O.E.C., Ethnobotany

Occupational Endorsement

The coursework for this new ethnobotany occupational endorsement program was developed with input from the students, Elders and stakeholders who participated in the ethnobotany certificate program and now provides a strong interdisciplinary foundation for understanding what students are seeking from ethnobotany coursework that will enhance their opportunities both in the workplace and for professional development. Currently, no other program exists in Alaska that prepares students with basic understanding of botany and cultural uses of plants, including the skills required to collect plants in the field, conduct interviews using culturally and scientifically appropriate methods, and provide hands-on opportunities to research, implement, and report (online, orally, and in writing) on student-designed projects.

Minimum Requirements for Ethnobotany Occupational Endorsement: 16 credits

College of Rural and Community Development
Kuskokwim Campus