B.S./M.S., Chemistry

Accelerated B.S./M.S. Degrees

The Chemistry BS/MS program with thesis or project prepares students for employment as research chemists in federal, state, municipal, academic or industrial laboratories, and in pre-medicine as laboratory technicians, industry supervisors and technical sales personnel.  Graduates also find positions in the environmental sciences, oceanography and related interdisciplinary fields. Many chemistry graduates elect to pursue advanced PhD, pharmacology or MD degrees. The BS/MS program will assist students in successfully preparing for post-graduate programs by helping students follow a curriculum specifically needed for developing successful licensing school applications or scientific careers while enhancing their critical thinking skill sets, scientific knowledge, writing and presentation skill, and to be overall well-rounded professionals. 

The Chemistry BS/MS program is designed to assist students in earning both BS and MS degrees quicker and with less cost than earning the degrees individually. This is accomplished by having 12 credits of 400 and 600-level courses count as electives in both degrees. Additionally, in the program, students begin to conduct research in a research laboratory at the beginning of their third year. This early research start will allow students to develop technical laboratory skills and to become familiar with their potential MS project early on in their program. 

To complete the MS portion of this program, students will complete a research thesis or a project, in addition to the coursework. This will allow students to tailor their graduate studies to meet their interests and prospective career needs. Students pursuing an MS with a research thesis will conduct laboratory research and produce a thesis generally equivalent to a manuscript for a peer-reviewed journal. Students pursuing an MS with a project will conduct a research project that may be based solely or partly in literature review/synthesis. This can include writing a review article or a different activity as decided by the student's committee. To ensure the success of students in this program, students will need to be advised very carefully by their faculty advisor and committee.

Minimum Requirements for Accelerated Mathematics B.S./M.S. Degrees: 138 credits

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