Interdisciplinary Studies - General Studies Concentration (Degree Completion) B.A.

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Admission Requirements

Admission process for an interdisciplinary studies major with a general studies concentration

  1. Contact the Office of Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Studies for materials, procedures and to make an appointment with an interdisciplinary studies advisor. Please click on the "schedule an appointment" link on the undergraduate interdisciplinary studies website or call 907-474-1849 or 907-474-5164.

  2. If you are not currently a UAF student, are attending as a nondegree student or are enrolled in an associate or certificate program, you need to apply for admission to a bachelor’s degree with the UAF Office of Admissions. If you are currently active in a bachelor's degree program at UAF, you do not need to reapply for admission and can skip this step. New transfer students must have official transcripts from all previous colleges sent to UAF’s Office of Admissions.

  3. Submit a General Studies concentration rationale form. The interdisciplinary studies major with a general studies concentration is intended for students who have approximately 100 or more college credits but are not close to graduating or have obstacles preventing them from graduating with a particular major.

  4. Your responses on the rationale form and a degree audit will be reviewed by an interdisciplinary studies advisor, the director of the Academic Advising Center, the director of Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Studies, and the UAF vice provost for admission to the major.

  5. Once admitted to the interdisciplinary studies major, you will receive a degree audit, and your DegreeWorks will be updated to show your degree requirements.

  6. You will continue to work with an interdisciplinary studies advisor on your path to graduation.

More information can be found on the interdisciplinary studies website.

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Minimum Requirements for Interdisciplinary Studies B.A.: 130 credits

Students must earn a C- grade or better in each course

General University Requirements
Complete the general university requirements.
General Education Requirements
Complete the general education requirements.35-40
B.A. Degree Requirements
Complete the B.A. degree requirements.37
Interdisciplinary Studies Program Requirements
Interdisciplinary studies major courses 130
Interdisciplinary Capstone (OR an alternative capstone course or project approved by a degree completion advisor.)

Students in the general studies concentration will work with a degree completion advisor to choose classes that are meaningful and relevant to their educational interests and career goals from a variety of disciplines.

Note: At least 39 upper-division (300-499) credits must be earned to complete a UAF bachelor's degree.

More information can be found on the interdisciplinary studies website.