Posting Policy

The following policy applies to the Fairbanks campus. Students at UAF’s community campuses should contact leadership on those campuses for their respective policies.

This policy provides members of the University of Alaska Fairbanks community with guidelines for posting on university property. UAF reserves the right to remove any posting deemed inappropriate or incongruent with the mission and values of the institution. The content of postings will not generally be restricted unless it violates the law, any established UAF rule or procedure, falsely defames an individual or group, constitutes a true threat or harassment or is in some other manner incompatible with the appropriate functioning of the university. Further, no posting on UAF property may promote the use of alcohol/marijuana or advertise events where the primary purpose of said event would be the consumption of alcohol/marijuana or the use of illegal drugs. 


  • Postings must pertain to and be sponsored by a registered UAF student organization or a UAF department/unit.
  • All designated posting areas belong to university departments or are restricted for general use by university student organizations or departments. Departments may further restrict the use of a posting area to specific purposes, such as posting off-campus rooms for rent. There are no public posting areas.
  • All posting areas must be designated and signed as either: (1) restricted UAF department use; (2) restricted UAF department use for limited purpose, (3) restricted registered UAF student organizations use; or, (4) restricted registered UAF student organization and department use. Suggested verbiage for each option is:
  1. "Postings restricted to the <department name>."
  2. "<department name> has limited postings here for the purpose of <description>."
  3. "Postings restricted to registered UAF student organizations."
  4. ​"Postings restricted to registered UAF student organizations and university departments."
  • Postings must contain information on the sponsoring organization/department as well as contact information in the form of phone number, email and/or website address.
  • Handbills, leaflets, pamphlets, or other similar materials may not be placed on vehicles or other UAF property such as building exteriors, doors, elevators, painted surfaces, bathrooms, stairwells, landscaping, benches, bus stops, emergency call boxes, sidewalks, floors, poles, railings or other unauthorized areas. Posting on furniture, such as tables, must be approved by the building manager for that facility.
  • Postings in areas assigned to specific academic departments or university administrative units may only be used with their permission and must meet all other requirements outlined herein.
  • No more than one posting is allowed per posting space.
  • Placing materials over another posting is prohibited.
  • Posted materials must include the date posted and materials may not be posted for more than 30 consecutive days. Those that promote a specific event must be removed within 48 hours of the event taking place. The sponsoring group is responsible for the removal of all postings in a timely manner.
  • Unauthorized removal, defacement or destruction of postings is prohibited.
  • A building manager may deny or restrict use of specified areas based on unique circumstances or needs that may exist in certain buildings on campus. 

Posted materials on UAF property that do not meet these requirements will be removed. Where can I post? 

Approved posting areas such as bulletin boards, electronic posting boards or other designated areas are the only areas where it is appropriate to post materials. 

What can I post with? 

Painters tapes is the only type of tape and/or adhesive that may be used. Duct tape, packing tape or 'sticky tack' type materials are prohibited. If the approved posting area is a surface where tacks, staples, etc. may be used (such as a bulletin board), those are appropriate ways to post flyers. 

How will violations of this policy be handled? 

Violation(s) of this policy could result in limitations of a group's ability to post on UAF property and could lead to referral to the Office of Rights, Compliance and Accountability for disciplinary action if such measures are warranted. Materials posted by groups not affiliated with UAF will be removed. 

Will I be charged if my posting damages UAF property? 

Yes, individuals and departments can be charged for damages caused by actions that violate the university's posting policy. Examples would include damage to paint or other surfaces caused by posting in non-designated areas or use of unapproved adhesive agents. 

Chalking/Window Paint/Yard Signs 

Chalking, window paint and yard signs are not permitted without prior university approval. Chalking is strictly prohibited inside buildings, on exterior building surfaces or in areas not regularly exposed to rain and snow. Students and student organizations wishing to utilize these methods of advertising should consult with the director of the Center for Student Engagement.

Digital Signage 

Organizations and departments can have their events advertised on the flat screen T.V.s around campus. To learn more on how to request posting on a flat-screen visit the Nanook Technology Services website.

Sandwich Boards / A-Frame Poster Boards 

These boards may only be used in or around university buildings with the permission of the building manager of the specific space involved and must not be placed in such a manner as to cause any restriction to access of the building or present a hazard for moving freely about the building.