Disability Services


At UAF Disability Services, students are provided access to academic courses and opportunities, through an interactive accommodation process to support them throughout their academic journey.

UAF Disability Services provides accommodations to students at all UAF campus, including the eCampus. Students enrolled in classes through community campuses or distance learning programs should contact Disability Services via telephone, fax, e-mail, U.S. postal mail, or in person to request and arrange for accommodations.

For more information, visit the Disability Services website. Disability Services can be contacted at uaf-disability-services@alaska.edu907-474-5655 or by writing to UAF Disability Services, P.O. Box 755590, Fairbanks, AK 99775-5590. You can also visit us on the Troth Yeddha' Campus in Fairbanks in Eielson 110.


A student with a disability has a right to an equal opportunity to participate in and benefit from programs offered at UAF. Students who choose to exercise these rights have a responsibility to initiate and participate in the accommodation process.

UAF  provides academic and access accommodations only to the known limitations of an otherwise qualified student with a disability. To be considered for UAF Disability Services accommodations individuals should be enrolled for at least one credit as a UAF student. To learn more about our registration process, check out our Registration Process or Forms site.

Appeal Process

A student with concerns regarding accommodations (either that appropriate accommodations were not granted by Disability Services OR that approved accommodations are not being provided by a university employee) should take the following steps:

First, speak with the Director of Disability Services and see if the situation can be resolved through discussion with Disability Services and/or your instructor.

If after the first step, you are not satisfied with the resolution, you should speak with the Office of Rights, Compliance and Accountability to discuss your options and how to make a formal complaint under University Regulation R09.06.05. ORCA can be contacted at 907-474-7300 or uaf-orca@alaska.edu. If a formal complaint is filed, ORCA will assign an investigator knowledgeable in the area of ADA/Section 504 compliance and disability discrimination to review the complaint. The reviewer(s) will determine within a reasonable period of time whether state or federal law, Regents’ Policy, University Regulation, or University rules and procedures have been violated. If so, the reviewer(s) will recommend to the Vice Chancellor appropriate solutions, including academic adjustments and other programmatic accommodations. The Vice Chancellor's decision on the matter will be made after consultation with the chancellor or designee and such other persons as the chancellor deems appropriate. The Vice Chancellor's decision is final within the university.

Applicable Policy and Regulation

Chapter 09.06 - Services for Students with Disabilities