Wood Center

The William Ransom Wood Center, under the Division of Student Affairs, is the student union building. It is the focal point of campus activities and services for the university and Fairbanks communities.

Services at Wood Center include event scheduling, campus information, dining facilities, meeting rooms, laundry and shower facilities, and a recreation area with pool tables and video games. Wood Center also has the campus lost-and-found center, an ATM, and tickets to cultural and sporting events.

Wood Center is home to the Student Activities Office, which oversees Nanook Traditions. Student Activities organizes events designed to entertain, educate and inspire the UAF community. Nanook Traditions are among UAF’s most highly anticipated annual events. These include the Starvation Gulch bonfires in September, Winter Carnival in February, Festival of Native Arts in March and SpringFest in late April. For more information visit the Student Activities Office website.

The Student Leadership and Involvement program provides opportunities for students to learn about and practice leadership skills and become involved on campus and in the community. Through the SLI program students can complete and earn Co-Curricular Opportunities for Leadership Development certificates. The COLD certificates provide tangible ways for students to be recognized for leadership development within the UAF community and beyond. Students who complete the COLD certificate are eligible for graduation with leadership honors and/or distinction. To find out more about SLI, visit the Wood Center or SLI online.

The Nanook Diversity and Action Center promotes a community of inclusion, social justice and cultural pluralism by providing educational activities in collaboration with student organizations that honor and support areas of age, gender, religion, ability, socioeconomic status, race, ethnicity, culture, sexual orientation and gender expression. Additionally, NDAC focuses on prevention and awareness efforts, including Take Back the Night, bystander intervention, and Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

More than 100 student organizations are active on campus. Membership in a student organization can help you make social connections. It can also help in career and leadership development and enhance your resume. Each semester a student organizations fair provides an opportunity to learn more about these diverse groups. Contact the Student Leadership and Involvement office to learn more about UAF student organizations.

Alaska Esports at UAF brings together the competitive and casual gamers from across the diverse community of UAF. All are welcome in the esports arena, from the over-the-shoulder spectator, to the occasional dabbler, to the die-hard competitor looking to raise game-play to the next level. In addition to playing a wide variety of old and new titles, our community participates in speedrunning events, pro-matches watch parties, “book club” style play-throughs of amazing narrative video games, and questing in MMOs amongst many other activities.  Whether you have thousands of hours in your favorite game, or you are just wanting to find out what all the fuss is about, we have something to offer you.

The Wood Center Pub offers evening entertainment for those 21 and older with live music, an open mic night, movies, trivia games and karaoke. Special events include theme nights, beer and wine tastings, comedy performances, casino night and more.

The Associated Students of the University of Alaska Fairbanks (ASUAF) is also located in the Wood Center. All students enrolled in 3 or more credits are ASUAF members. ASUAF runs service departments and programs dedicated to the interests and welfare of UAF students. ASUAF represents UAF students to the university administration, the University of Alaska Board of Regents and the Alaska Legislature. Officers are selected by the student body in elections held every fall and spring semester. For information, visit ASUAF online or call 907-474-7355.

ASUAF Student Media is also located in the Wood Center. The online news site Polaris News and the campus radio station KSUA give students the opportunity to gain experience in news writing and broadcasting.

For more information call 907-474-7034 or visit Wood Center online.