Special Education K-12 Postbaccalaureate Certificate of Completion

Postbaccalaureate Certificate

Prepares K-12 special educators at the graduate level with specific training in the areas of disabilities, assessment, interventions strategies, current law and the implementation of programs including development of legally defensible federal IDEA documents.

Graduates will have mastery of the Council for Exceptional Children's (CEC) 2020 Initial Practice-Based Professional Preparation Standards for Special Educators.

The program will provide individuals who already possess, or are eligible for, a current Alaska teaching certificate or a bachelor’s degree and the necessary prerequisites, with specific training in the area of special education. The program prepares K-12 special education teachers who can effectively understand state and national education issues and respond appropriately. Special education candidates will progress through a series of developmentally sequenced field experiences for all ages, types and levels of abilities, including collaborative opportunities.

The program provides development in collaboration/consultation models and program development in multicultural settings. Completion of this program meets requirements for Alaska licensure as a K-12 special education teacher.

Minimum Requirements for Special Education K-12 Postbaccalaureate Certificate: 39-42 credits

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