Resilience and Adaptation

Graduate Certificate

The graduate certificate in resilience and adaptation studies is ideal for current graduate students in many disciplines. The graduate certificate encourages a more in-depth study of resilience, adaptation and sustainability, and provides students a credential that recognizes their knowledge of resilience theory and its application to sustainable systems. The certificate prepares students for a career in academia, industry, government and nongovernmental organizations by exposing them to the interdisciplinarity of complex systems. It is a defined series of courses that expose the students to the concepts of resilience and adaptation. Courses will advance knowledge and promote social-ecological research in sustainability and resilience. Students working on degrees in the STEM sciences and social sciences will broaden their disciplinary perspective through exposure to economics, ecology, sociology and anthropology to gain practical knowledge, training and integrative skills development. This certificate embodies a holistic perspective that recognizes the importance of both the social and biological dimensions of environmental sustainability and resilience. This certificate is offered by the Department of Natural Resources and Environment and will meet the needs of students and professionals.

Minimum Requirements for Resilience and Adaptation Graduate Certificate: 12 credits

College of Natural Science and Mathematics
Department of Natural Resources and Environment