Ph.D., Natural Resources and Sustainability

Minimum Requirements for Natural Resources and Sustainability Ph.D.: 26 credits (18 thesis credits)

General University Requirements
Complete the general university requirements.
Ph.D. Degree Requirements
Complete the Ph.D. degree requirements.
Natural Resources and Sustainability Program Requirements
Complete course work in thematic area(s) as determined by the advisory committee.
Required and Elective Elements
Complete the following:
NRM F647Sustainability in the Changing North3
NRM F649Integrated Assessment and Adaptive Management3
NRM F692Graduate Seminar (Complete two semesters)2
Outreach activity of one annual public presentation
Written and oral comprehensive exams 1
Dissertation defense seminar
Dissertation defense examination
Doctoral dissertation

Advancement to candidacy occurs when the student demonstrates mastery in understanding sustainability and in-depth knowledge of the student’s dissertation research topic area. Requirements for advancement to candidacy are determined by the academic committee of the student, and shall be consistent with the candidacy requirements for Ph.D. studies at UAF. The basis of the evaluation will be written and oral comprehensive exams.