Marine Policy

M.M.P. Degree

The design and implementation of effective marine policy entail quantitative and qualitative analyses pertinent to the oversight and management of marine resources: the study of the potential and actual social, economic, legal, environmental and ecological consequences of alternative policies; an objective exploration of what is, what was, and what could be. Graduates will be equipped with the tools and background to conduct prospective analyses of the anticipated outcomes of alternative management actions and retrospective analyses of actual outcomes of management actions.

The M.M.P. degree program engages students in a curriculum that instills an integrated background in four core dimensions of marine policy, (1) living marine resources and their management, (2) analytic methods, (3) law and policy, and (4) economics, development, and sustainability. The wide selection of courses that satisfy these core and elective requirements facilitates the individualization of the curriculum to support each student’s goals. Courses are drawn from the Alaska Native Studies, Anthropology, Arctic and Northern Studies, Biology, Cross-cultural Studies, Economics, Fisheries, Geography, Marine Science and Limnology, Natural Resource Management, Political Science, Public Administration, Rural Development, and Statistics programs at UAF and UAS. Because most of these courses are already offered in remote sites through video-conferencing, this degree program serves students throughout Alaska and beyond.

The M.M.P. degree is jointly offered by UAS and UAF, with UAF acting as the lead institution. Graduates will receive a diploma indicating that the degree is awarded jointly by UAF and UAS. Applications for admission to the M.M.P. program will be processed through the UAF Graduate School. Enrolled students may select from various required and elective courses offered by UAF or UAS. Most of these courses can be taken in-person or remotely via synchronous or asynchronous modalities. UAF tuition and fees apply to courses taken through UAF, while UAS tuition and fees apply to courses taken through UAS. M.M.P. program students are advised by the program coordinators.

Minimum Requirements for Marine Policy M.M.P.: 30 credits

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