Interdisciplinary Studies

M.A., M.S., Ph.D. Degrees

The UAF graduate Interdisciplinary Studies program draws upon UAF’s strengths in interdisciplinary research and education to allow students to pursue individualized graduate degrees that draw on multiple disciplines.  The Interdisciplinary Studies program draws on faculty and resources from across the university to support students and scholarship in areas where degrees are not currently offered by existing programs at UAF. Prospective students identify a specific area for study and a UAF faculty member who is willing to serve as their advisor.

The graduate Interdisciplinary Studies program is managed by the Graduate School and supported by UAF faculty, departments, and programs. Admission to the program is overseen by the Interdisciplinary Studies Council. Students are housed in the academic unit associated with their advisor. The program supports MA, MS, and PhD programs with the degrees awarded by the relevant academic unit. Prospective students should contact the graduate school to discuss their proposed program of study before submitting an application.

Minimum Requirements for Interdisciplinary Studies Degrees: M.A. and M.S.: 30 credits; Ph.D.: 36 credits

Graduate School and Interdisciplinary Programs