Ph.D., Geoscience

Minimum Requirements for Geoscience Ph.D.: 18 credits

Concentrations: Geography, Geology

General University Requirements
Complete the general university requirements.
Complete the course work requirements for the appropriate M.S. concentration.
Ph.D. Degree Requirements
Complete the Ph.D. degree requirements.
Complete and pass a written and oral comprehensive examination.
Complete and submit a written thesis proposal for approval.
Complete a research program as arranged with the graduate advisory committee.
Complete 18 credits of thesis, write a thesis and pass an oral defense of thesis.18

Note: In addition to courses listed under the geoscience program, students should check the course listings under the College of Engineering and Mines and the marine science program.

Note: In addition to the facilities available directly through the instructional program, UAF has active research laboratories in the fields of seismology, volcanology, paleomagnetism, isotope geochronology, glaciology and ice physics in the Geophysical Institute (see Geophysical Institute under Research). These laboratories can frequently provide topics for M.S. and Ph.D. theses. Other laboratories are also available in other divisions on campus, as listed under Research Institutes and Centers.