Geological Engineering

M.S. Degree

Geological engineers apply their strong background in geology and engineering science to solve problems at the intersection of the natural and built environments. They use their knowledge and interpretation of the Earth’s surface and near-subsurface to recognize and mitigate geohazards, such as landslides, floods and earthquakes; identify, develop and protect groundwater resources; locate and investigate potential sites for infrastructure and property development; and locate and harvest natural resources, such as minerals, coal, oil and gas, in an environmentally sustainable way. As part of America’s Arctic University, UAF’s geological engineering program provides training in recognizing and mitigating problems associated with frozen ground, such as frost heaving, thaw settlement and slope stability in a permafrost environment.

The graduate program prepares students for employment with industry, consulting companies and government agencies.

Minimum Requirements for Geological Engineering M.S. Degree: 30-33 credits

College of Engineering and Mines
Department of Civil, Geological and Environmental Engineering