M.S., Ph.D. Degrees

Fisheries graduate students take classes and undertake research on a diverse set of fisheries-related topics. Program strengths include quantitative fisheries science, fisheries management and human dimensions, and biology and ecology. Students are typically based in Juneau or Fairbanks, but most courses are video-delivered to locations throughout Alaska.

Students at each location are engaged in a wide variety of research topics in marine and freshwater ecosystems. All locations have excellent laboratory facilities, access to pristine environments and healthy fisheries, and strong connections to local and tribal partners, state and federal agency scientists and managers, as well as participants in commercial, sport and subsistence fisheries.

Most students are supported as research assistants for some or all of their tenure. Agencies such as the National Atmospheric and Oceanic Administration, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and the Alaska Department of Fish and Game are collaborators on research projects and employ many of our graduates.

Minimum Requirements for Degrees: M.S.: 30 credits; Ph.D.: 36 credits

College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences