Elementary (K-8) Postbaccalaureate Licensure Program

This program is offered in Fairbanks and College of Rural and Community Development campus service areas. The elementary teacher postbaccalaureate program is an intensive, year-long program designed to provide students with the coursework and internship experience necessary to meet the Alaska Teacher Standards and be eligible for licensure as an elementary teacher in Alaska. This classroom-based program is built upon the principle of partnership — a cooperative effort between interns, mentor teachers and university faculty partners.

Students begin the program in the summer with a 9-credit block of courses. Students who complete the undergraduate courses ED F110ED F201ED F330ED F344 and EDSE F316 can use these to fulfill the summer requirements. During the academic year of the school district, all students complete two semesters of integrated university courses and internship.

Students must apply through the Office of the Registrar to graduate with a certificate of completion. At the end of the school year, if students have successfully met all of the program requirements, they will be eligible to apply for an Alaska Elementary License.

Elementary applicants apply as graduate-level licensure students. They may choose to complete this licensure program as part of the M.Ed. degree in elementary education. However, application to the M.Ed. degree program should be made at the beginning of elementary postbaccalaureate course work to avoid losing credits for the M.Ed. degree. (See M.Ed. elementary education options requirements.) Candidates who enter the elementary postbaccalaureate licensure program are required to have laptop computers prior to enrolling in ED F344 or ED F624.

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