Computer Science

M.S. Degree

Computer science is the study of information handling and its application to the problems of the world. Computing is widely used in support of activities in science, engineering, business, law, medicine, education and the social sciences.

The M.S. degree follows the recommendations of the Association for Computing Machinery and the Institute for Electrical and Electronic Engineers. The program provides breadth and depth in course work and culminates with a major unifying project. This program is available to students who have completed a B.S. degree in computer science at most institutions. Students from other universities who have completed a substantial portion of a bachelor’s level computer science program may be admitted to the M.S. program. In such cases, undergraduate courses may be required to remedy deficiencies.

For admission to the M.S. computer science program, the GRE general and computer science subject exam is required.

Minimum Requirements for Computer Science Master's Degree: 30 credits

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