Paralegal Studies

A.A.S. Degree

Paralegals assist in the delivery of legal services under the supervision of a practicing lawyer. Paralegals conduct client and witness interviews; engage in basic fact-finding and investigation; draft correspondence, reports, pleadings, motions and other legal documents; conduct legal research; and assist in discovery and trial preparation. Paralegals are in high demand in private law offices, local, state and federal agencies, and legal departments of large corporations. Employment opportunities exist both in Alaska and nationwide in private law offices large and small; in myriad local, state and federal government offices and agencies; and in corporations that retain in-house legal departments.

Note: Program curriculum is approved by the American Bar Association. Graduates are not authorized to provide direct legal services to the public. The paralegal studies program provides training for paralegals who are authorized to perform substantive legal work under the supervision of a lawyer. The program does not train lawyers or legal administrators.

Minimum Requirements for Paralegal Studies A.A.S. Degree: 60 credits

Community and Technical College
Paralegal Studies