Aviation Maintenance

Certificate; A.A.S. Degree

Aviation maintenance offers an A.A.S. degree and certificates in three areas: airframe, powerplant, or airframe and powerplant.

Students who receive a certificate in airframe and powerplant may elect to complete the A.A.S. degree in aviation maintenance to enhance their employability.

Students in the airframe and powerplant certificate program may complete requirements for the Federal Aviation Administration mechanic’s certificate with both airframe and powerplant ratings in as little as one year. The aviation maintenance program covers many subject areas, but it places special emphasis on those skills most sought after in the Alaska job market. Through classroom and hands-on laboratory instruction, this intensive curriculum prepares students for entry into the aviation field. Graduates who pass the FAA examinations for the airframe and powerplant ratings usually qualify for entry-level positions in the maintenance, repair, overhaul and modification of aircraft.

Students interested in qualifying for an FAA airframe mechanic's certificate may choose to earn only the airframe certificate. Those who wish to qualify for an FAA powerplant mechanic’s certificate may choose to earn only the powerplant certificate.

Admission to the airframe and powerplant programs is at the discretion of the program faculty and requires an interview with the faculty advisor. The program normally starts around the end of August of each year.

Minimum Requirements for Airframe and Powerplant Certificates: 31-49 credits; for Aviation Maintenance Degree: 64 credits

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Aviation Maintenance