Writing and Oral Intensive Courses

List of courses with Writing and Oral Intensive attributes

ACCT F452Auditing (W)3
ACCT F472Internal and Government Auditing3
ACNS F425Visual Images of the North3
ACNS F484Perspectives on the North3
ANS F300Alaska Native Writers Workshop3
ANS F348Native North American Women3
ANS F350Cross-cultural Communication: Alaska Perspectives3
ANS F381Indigenous World in Film3
ANS F478Alaska Native Studies Senior Thesis3
ANTH F320Language and Culture in Alaska3
ANTH F403Political Anthropology3
ANTH F405Archaeological Method and Theory3
ANTH F411Senior Seminar in Anthropology3
ANTH F435Political Media and Discourses of the American Right3
ART F313Intermediate Painting3
ART F347Lighting Design3
ART F363History of Modern Art3
ART F364Italian Renaissance Art3
ART F365Alaska Native Art History3
ART F371Digital Imaging3
ART F407Advanced Printmaking3
ART F413Advanced Painting3
ART F424Field Artists of the North3
ART F469Architecture: Art, Design, Technology and Social Impact3
ART F474History of the Role of the Artist3
BA F317Employment Law3
BA F423Investment Analysis3
BA F445Marketing Research3
BA F454Student Investment Fund3
BA F460International Business3
BA F462Corporate Strategy3
BIOL F402Biomedical and Research Ethics3
BIOL F417Neurobiology3
BIOL F426Ornithology3
BIOL F441Animal Behavior3
BIOL F457Environmental Microbiology3
BIOL F462Infectious Diseases3
BIOL F473Limnology3
BIOL F476Ecosystem Ecology3
BIOL F490Research Experience in Biology3
CHEM F314Analytical Instrumental Laboratory3
CHEM F434Chemistry Capstone Laboratory3
CHEM F482Seminar2
COJO F121XIntroduction to Interpersonal Communication3
COJO F131XFundamentals of Oral Communication: Group Context3
COJO F141XFundamentals of Oral Communication: Public Context3
COJO F310Reporting3
COJO F311Magazine Article Writing3
COJO F321Nonverbal Communication3
COJO F322Communication in Interpersonal Relationships3
COJO F331Advanced Group Communication3
COJO F335Organizational Communication3
COJO F380Women, Minorities and the Media3
COJO F411Writing for a Living3
COJO F425Communication Theory3
COJO F432Professional Public Speaking3
COJO F444Investigative Reporting3
COJO F452Radio and Television News Writing3
COJO F453Television News Reporting3
COJO F454Newscast3
COJO F456Science Writing for the General Public3
COJO F462Communication in Health Contexts3
COJO F471Advanced Digital Design3
COJO F475Applied Communication in Training and Development3
COJO F482Capstone Seminar in Communication3
CS F421Distributed Operating Systems3
CS F472Senior Capstone II3
ECE F304Attachment and Social Development3
ECE F306Building Bridges to Support Family Mental Health3
ECE F341Personnel Management of Early Childhood Programs3
ECE F342Family Relationships3
ECE F420Developing Literacy in the Early Years3
ECE F445Adolescence Through the Lifespan3
ECON F420Labor Markets and Public Policy3
ECON F434Environmental Economics3
ECON F439Energy Economics3
ED F303Language Acquisition3
ED F344Foundations of Literacy Development3
ED F412Integrated Social Studies and Language Arts: Methods and Curriculum Development3
ED F453Secondary Internship3-15
ED F454Student Teaching K-1215
ED F468Internship and Student Teaching4
ED F486Media Literacy3
EE F333Electronic Devices4
EE F408Power Electronics Design4
EE F444Embedded Systems Design4
EE F464Communication Networks Design4
ENGL F314Technical Writing3
ENGL F375Intermediate Creative Writing: Fiction3
ENGL F376Intermediate Creative Writing: Poetry3
ENGL F377Intermediate Creative Writing: Nonfiction3
ENGL F410Studies in American Literature to 19003
ENGL F414Research Writing3
ENGL F415Studies in 17th- and 18th-Century British Literature3
ENGL F420Studies in Medieval and 16th-Century British Literature3
ENGL F422Shakespeare: History Plays and Tragedies3
ENGL F425Shakespeare: Comedies and Nondramatic Poetry3
ENGL F440Studies in 20th- and 21st-Century British Literature3
ENGL F450Studies in 19th-Century British Literature3
ENGL F455Studies in 20th- and 21st-Century American Literature3
ENGL F460Studies in Comparative/World Literature3
ENGL F470Topics in Creative Writing3
ENGL F471Undergraduate Writers' Workshop3
ENGL F488Dramatic Writing3
ESM F450Economic Analysis and Operations3
FISH F487Fisheries Management3
FLPA F334Movies and Films: Watching and Analyzing3
FLPA F413Analyzing Global Performance3
FLPA F416Performance Studies Abroad6
FLPA F4723D Animation3
FREN F301Advanced French3
FREN F302Advanced French3
FREN F431Studies in the Culture of the French Speaking World3
FREN F432Studies of French Literature3
GE F381Field Methods and Applied Design I2
GE F382Field Methods and Applied Design II2
GE F480Senior Design3
GEOG F305Geography of Europe3
GEOG F311Geography of Asia3
GEOG F483Research Design, Writing and Presentation Methods3
GEOS F309Tectonics3
GEOS F315Paleobiology and Paleontology4
GEOS F317Paleontological Research and Laboratory Methods2
GEOS F463Glacial and Periglacial Geology4
GEOS F475Presentation Techniques in the Geosciences2
GER F301Advanced German I3
GER F302Advanced German II3
GER F431Studies in the Culture of the German Speaking World3
GER F432Studies of German Literature3
HIST F467Political Development in Latin America and the Caribbean3
HIST F476Senior Thesis Capstone3
HSEM F445Business Continuity and Crisis Management3
HSEM F452Internship in Emergency Management3
HSEM F456Leaderships in Dangerous Contexts3
JPN F302Advanced Japanese3
JUST F335Gender and Crime3
JUST F345Police Problems3
JUST F453Comparative Criminology3
JUST F454Advanced Problems in Procedural Law3
JUST F460American Crime Control3
LING F410Theory and Methods of Second Language Teaching3
LING F440Aspects of Bilingualism3
LING F450Language Policy and Planning3
MATH F401Introduction to Real Analysis3
MATH F405Abstract Algebra3
ME F415Thermal Systems Laboratory3
MILS F301Training Management and the Warfighting Functions4
MILS F302Applied Leadership in Small Unit Operations4
MIN F408Mineral Valuation and Economics3
MUED F405Secondary School Music Methods3
MUS F351Conducting3
MUS F410Women in Music History3
MUS F421Music Before 16203
MUS F422Music in the 17th and 18th Centuries3
MUS F423Music of the 19th Century3
MUS F424Music Since 19003
NRM F380Soils and the Environment3
NRM F403Environmental Decision-Making3
NRM F484Senior Thesis in Natural Resources Management2
PETE F303Reservoir Rock and Fluid Properties Laboratory1
PETE F411Drilling Fluids Laboratory1
PETE F481Well Completions and Stimulation Design3
PETE F487BPetroleum Project Design1
PHIL F363Philosophy of Religion3
PHIL F411Classical Political Theory3
PHIL F412Modern Political Theory3
PHYS F381Physics Laboratory3
PHYS F382Physics Laboratory3
PS F314Political Ideologies3
PS F322International Law and Organization3
PS F401Political Behavior3
PS F403Public Policy3
PS F435Constitutional Law I: Federalism3
PS F436Constitutional Law II: Civil Rights and Liberties3
PS F460Government and Politics of Canada3
PS F464 East Asian Governments and Politics3
PS F468Government and Politics of Russia3
PSY F337Sport Psychology3
PSY F390Psychology of Work3
PSY F445Community Psychology3
PSY F470Sensation and Perception3
PSY F475Research Design and Analysis in Psychology3
PSY F480Qualitative Social Science Research3
RD F300Rural Development in a Global Perspective3
RUSS F301Advanced Russian I3
RUSS F302Advanced Russian II3
SPAN F301Advanced Spanish Conversation and Comprehension3
SPAN F302Advanced Spanish Reading and Literary Comprehension3
SPAN F431Senior Seminar3
SPAN F432Studies of Hispanic Literature3
SWK F305Social Welfare History3
SWK F320Rural Social Work3
SWK F350Women's Issues in Social Welfare and Social Work Practices3
SWK F375Research Methods in Social Work3
WGS F331Women's Voices in Japanese Literature3
WGS F360Psychology of Women Across Cultures3
WLF F322Principles and Techniques of Wildlife Management3
WLF F425Ecology and Management of Birds3
WLF F469Landscape Ecology and Wildlife Habitat3
WRTG F111XWriting Across Contexts3
WRTG F211XWriting and the Humanities3
WRTG F212XWriting and the Professions3
WRTG F213XWriting and the Sciences3
WRTG F214XArguing Across Contexts3
YUP F330Yup'ik Literature/Yupiit Quliraitnek Igaryaraq3
YUP F375Yup'ik Philosophy/Umyuarteqsaraq3
YUP F488Documenting Yup'ik Traditions/Caliarkaq3