Minor, Statistics

Minimum Requirements for Statistics Minor: 16 credits

Complete the following:
MATH F371Probability 13
MATH F408Mathematical Statistics3
STAT F200XElementary Statistics3
or STAT F300 Statistics
STAT F401Regression and Analysis of Variance4
MATH, STAT or STAT related coursework 23

MATH F371 requires MATH F251X, MATH F252X and MATH F253X as prerequisites.


e.g., BA F360, GEOS F430, ANTH F424, MATH F460, etc.

Note: Courses completed to satisfy this minor can be used to simultaneously satisfy other major or general distribution requirements.

Note: Fisheries majors selecting the research option for their major need only to complete MATH F371 and MATH F408 in addition to their fisheries requirements in order to obtain a minor in statistics.