B.A., B.S. Degrees

The number of new fields in which professional mathematicians find employment grows continually. This department prepares students for careers in industry, government and education.

Two concentrations are available:

  • Mathematics
  • Statistics

In addition to the major programs, the department provides a number of service courses in support of other programs within the university. Current and detailed information on mathematics degrees and course offerings is available from the department.

The department maintains a math lab which is available for assistance to all students studying mathematics at the baccalaureate level.

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics also offers a minor in statistics as well as accelerated B.S./M.S. in Mathematics and B.S. Mathematics/M.S. Statistics programs.

Minimum Requirements for Mathematics Bachelor's Degrees: 120 credits

Learn more about the bachelor’s degree in mathematics, including an overview of the program, career opportunities and more.

College of Natural Science and Mathematics
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
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