B.A. Degree

The History Department prepares students to critically analyze and interpret cultural heritage, the great problems that have faced humans throughout history and how we have sought to solve them.

If you enjoy studying and researching major cultural, social, economic and political events of the past, then a B.A. in history may be for you. Through our program, you will develop skills in oral and written presentation, research and critical thinking, and gain a greater awareness of the human condition. Our students also acquire an appreciation of the complexity of the discipline, an understanding that historical narratives are constructed, contested and always changing, and the recognition that there are varied perspectives on the past.

As liberal arts majors, history prepares students for a multitude of careers in the public, private and nonprofit sectors. History graduates may find work as educators, researchers and analysts, public relations representatives, advocates, and business professionals.

Minimum Requirements for History Bachelor's Degree: 120 credits

Learn more about the bachelor’s degree in history, including an overview of the program, career opportunities and more.

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