B.A., Foreign Languages

Students must earn a C- grade or better in each course.

Minimum Requirements for Foreign Languages B.A.: 120 credits

Concentrations: Two Languages, Single Language (French, German, Spanish)

General University Requirements
Complete the general university requirements.
General Education Requirements
Complete the general education requirements.
B.A. Degree Requirements
Complete the B.A. degree requirements.
Foreign Languages Program Requirements
Complete the baccalaureate capstone requirement as determined by the program. 1
Complete one of the following concentrations:30-33
Two languages
French, German, Japanese or Spanish

The baccalaureate capstone requirement for foreign languages may be fulfilled by FREN F431, SPAN F431, JPN F475, GER F431 or GER F432.

Note: In addition to a first and second language, students should complete a well-defined minor related to their career goals. When choosing a minor it is highly recommended that students see an advisor as early as possible.

Note: Recommended background courses: LING F101X and LING F216X.

Note: F100-level language courses (which are preparatory to, but not part of the foreign language degree) may be counted toward the fulfillment of general education requirements.


Two Languages

F200 level or above in the first language: French, German, Japanese, or Spanish. 118
F200 level or above in the second language: French, German, Japanese, or Spanish.15

These must include two F400-level courses in the target language taken in residence at UAF.

French, German or Spanish

Target language at the F200 level or above 130

These may include target language courses and/or courses taken in the target language on an approved study abroad program and up to 6 credits of advisor-approved electives from education or linguistics, but must include two F400-level courses in the target language taken in residence at UAF. 


See requirements under Japanese Studies major.