Film and Performing Arts

B.A. Degree

The Theatre and Film Department teaches courses in media and performing arts, technology, theory and criticism. The department recognizes the importance of the role of the fine and performing arts within the humanities program of a liberal arts education. Courses in film and performing arts help develop students' original, creative and critical thinking while developing mastery in technical or dramatic skills.

A degree in film and performing arts gives students a critical understanding of the history, theory and technologies of cinema, new media arts and theatre arts while giving them opportunities, tools and resources for careers in media and performing arts industries, to pursue graduate study, or become media or theatre artists. Students take a shared group of classes in performance, production design and filmmaking, and then choose either a film or theatre concentration. 

Film concentration: Through an interdisciplinary approach to film and media studies, the program produces media-literate professionals who can play a leading role in an increasingly information-centered world where every profession will require skilled media creators. Film students have opportunities to produce their own creative, time-based content for a variety of multimedia applications. Emphasis is placed on the cultures, lifestyles and environments of Alaska and the North and the unique opportunities they afford for skilled media creators and artists.

Theatre concentration: Students become well-rounded and prepared artists who can contribute their design, technical and performance skills to stage and screen work. The theatre concentration emphasizes stage and screen practicum work, so students learn through hands-on experience on stage and screen sets. These experiences provide unique opportunities for creative expression and workforce development.

Classes and productions are open to film and performing arts majors, theatre or film minors, and students in other fields.

Minimum Requirements for Film and Performing Arts Bachelor's Degree: 120 credits

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