Minor, Ethnobotany

Students must earn a C- grade or better in each course.

Minimum Requirements for Ethnobotany Minor: 15 credits

Complete the following:
EBOT F100Introduction to Ethnobotany3
EBOT F200Seminar in Ethnobotany2
EBOT F210Ethical Wildcrafting1
EBOT F220Ethnobotanical Techniques2
EBOT F230Ethnobotanical Chemistry3-4
or EBOT F250
and EBOT F251
Applied Ethnobotany Fall
and Applied Ethnobotany Spring
Complete 4-5 credits of advisor-approved elective courses at 200 level or higher, selected from related subject areas, including (but not limited to): ANL, ANS, ANTH, BIOL and RD.4-5