Digital Journalism

B.A. Degree

The digital journalism program equips students with the broad skill set valued in the nation's newsrooms and other communication fields.

In addition to the solid academic foundation delivered in the classroom, students receive practical experience working in media on and off campus. On campus, these include KUAC, a public television and radio station; KSUA, the student-owned FM radio station; and the Polaris News, the student-run online news site. Students complete their required professional media internships at a variety of radio and television stations, newspapers and other media-related businesses and organizations in and out of Alaska.

The department runs several laboratory facilities, including a digital newsroom and photography lab, dedicated audio and video bays, an advanced video editing/digital printing lab, two wet darkrooms and a photography studio.

Minimum Requirements for Digital Journalism Bachelor's Degree: 120 credits

Learn more about the bachelor’s degree in digital journalism, including an overview of the program, career opportunities and more.

College of Liberal Arts
Department of Communication and Journalism