Aerospace Engineering

Minor Only

UAF offers an aerospace engineering minor for students interested in a career in the aerospace industry or in expanding their knowledge of applied interdisciplinary engineering. The minor includes capstone courses in aeronautics and astronautics, with tracks emphasizing either aerodynamics or space systems. Several electives allow the program to be tailored for students' desires and schedule.

Additional Courses. Several options are available for students looking for a more focused exposure to aerospace topics. In addition to taking any of the academic courses listed in the minor, UAF currently offers the following courses in unmanned aircraft systems.

  • AERO F654UAS Systems Design (fall even-numbered years)
  • AERO F656 — Aerospace Systems Engineering (fall odd-numbered years)
  • AERO F658 — Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Operations (spring)

These courses are offered at the Fairbanks campus and are available to UAA students via video link. Courses are open to all graduate and senior students in electrical, mechanical and computer engineering, as well as computer science and geomatics. Others may petition the instructor for participation.

flowchart is available for the required courses for the minor.

Aerospace Club — UAF hosts a local student chapter of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. The club participates in AIAA’s annual Design Build Fly competition, with the flight demonstration occurring in April and rotating between Wichita, Kansas, and Tucson, Arizona. UAF’s team has done very well in this international competition, being within the top 100 schools to be invited for each of the past four years and placing 23rd in the 2019 competition. For more information visit UAF’s Aerospace Club's website.

Minimum Requirements for Aerospace Engineering Minor: 15 credits

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