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UAF’s eCampus offers an alternative for anyone preferring an online educational option. The advantage of e-learning, also known as online learning, is its flexibility. Students select their own hours of study and work in surroundings they choose. E-learning offers the freedom to structure a personal academic schedule and the flexibility to continue educational progress, even when it is impossible or challenging to attend scheduled, face-to-face classes.

UAF eCampus offers more than 350 asynchronous courses in 60 disciplines and offers full degrees and certificates completely online. eCampus courses follow all university calendars and deadlines and must be completed within the semester time frame. These courses use the Blackboard Learning Management System. Students are required to have reliable Internet access to complete eCampus courses and may be required to have quizzes or exams proctored.

For UAF students, eCampus courses count as residence credit. When a student enrolls in an eCampus course, the course may be used to determine full-time/part-time status and eligibility for financial aid and scholastic action. The grade will average in both semester and cumulative GPAs.

Information on course offerings, online certificates and degrees, enrollment information and course descriptions can be found at the eCampus website. For more information contact UAF eCampus in 131 Bunnell Building on the Fairbanks Campus, by phone at 800-277-8060 or 907-455-2060, via email at uaf-ecampus@alaska.edu or at the eCampus website.

The University of Alaska provides many possibilities for students to take distance-delivered courses. The campuses at Anchorage, Fairbanks and Juneau, along with their community college networks, offer hundreds of courses using a variety of delivery modes. Opportunities for students who prefer distance-delivered courses can be found at the University of Alaska distance learning website.