Graduate Certificate, Strategic Leadership

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  • Student must have a completed baccalaureate degree.
  • Students that have already obtained a graduate degree will not be required to complete an entrance exam. 
  • Students with a baccalaureate degree with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher will not have any additional testing or entry course requirements.
  • If the student has a cumulative GPA between 3.0 and 2.75, regardless of the field of study, they will be required to complete the Watson Glaser Critical Thinking Exam. 
  • If a student has a cumulative GPA below 2.75, they will be required to submit results from either the GRE or GMAT. 

Minimum Requirements for Strategic Leadership Graduate Certificate: 12 credits

General University Requirements
Complete the general university requirements.
Graduate Certificate Requirements
Complete the graduate certificate requirements.
Strategic Leadership Program Requirements
HSEM F632Project Management3
HSEM F656Strategic Leadership3
HSEM F665Strategic Collaboration3
HSEM F456Leadership in Dangerous Contexts3